As a youngster, I would get home from School, get changed and go out to play with my pals.
Now I'm older, I get home from work, get changed and go out to play with my pals, but now I call it training.

Monday, May 31, 2010

I'm itching to go running fast

10 miles this morning. Legs are still a bit battered from descents earlier in the weekend so pretty easy pace, didn't time it. Actually I didn't run the proper 10 mile route - I went a slightly different way which was a little bit further. I also ran/jogged/walked for about an hour with Scamp prior to my proper run so not a bad day for mileage though no effort input really. Tomorrow will be reps as usual - don't know what format yet.

Back home I had a dozen different tasks needing attention in the garden and many more inside the house. I couldn't really be bothered with any of them. I watered the tomatoes so they wouldn't die then spent time napping in the hammock Janet bought me for Christmas. (very comfy). The sun went behind a cloud and I finally found a bit of motivation to get on with a spot of tidying up. But it didn't take much to see me stop again to blog my latest thoughts.

I'm just feeling a bit aimless really. I know I planned this period between London marathon and the beginning of the next training phase to be an informal period of training but I keep thinking back to 2009 when I had my 40th birthday route to plan (and run) then the 50 mile event. Both big milestones. Both the furthest/longest I had ever covered.

So what now? What new challenge for 2010? Run even further? I have been looking at the Hadrians Wall path - its 85 miles and fairly flat - finishes only 15 miles or so from home. Most days I see people walking the route as it uses a bit of my 10mile route through the park to Crosby. A definite possible, although I have never heard about anyone running it before.

Iain Kelly has the intention of doing the Cumbrian Traverse later in the summer, possibly early July. This would fit in very well at the end of my informal training period whilst helping my endurance base as I begin the long runs that comprise road marathon training.

And what about the Bob? Well it's a definite NO for this year. To be honest I don't have an overriding yearning to do it, though since Saturday I have given some thought to how I would go about it and a largely unsupported round would be my preference. ie - do legs one and two alone(with food stashed) then arrange for someone to accompany me from Dunmail, halfway to Wasdale and (presuming I was looking good for a completion) ask if they'd mind awfully going to Honister before they went home. That's probably a ridiculous notion. It would certainly require me to have gained an unprecedented knowledge of all 42 tops as well as to have become a proficient navigator. Not actively working on these areas currently, it's all very much pie in the sky. For me the BGR would be about proving my physical ability to complete the round so sometimes I think about letting technology take the strain and getting a GPS to 'guide' me. Not sure if Iain and Stu would ever go running with me again after that though!

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