As a youngster, I would get home from School, get changed and go out to play with my pals.
Now I'm older, I get home from work, get changed and go out to play with my pals, but now I call it training.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Didnt really train very hard in Lanza....

This was written day by day on my iPhone. I didnt try to upload until back home....

Day one of holiday.
3am breakfast (cereal) at home
6am breakfast (full English) in airport
10am breakfast (eggs) on plane
2pm dinner ( pasta) at hotel
4pm afternoon tea at hotel
8pm tea at hotel

So, six meals. The one 40 minute run I did was a decent la'al effort but overall I think a calorie surplus for the day.

Much too hot here for me to consider running in the daytime. I'll probably stick to 30 mins each morning before breakfast and 40-60 mins in the late evening once the suns heat has waned.

Day two of holiday
Slept very well. I'm not an early morning runner and couldn't face even a light jog before breakfast. I did get out and about though, and was pleased to find sunrise was quite late here compared to home- I'd missed it but not by much.
Cloud spoiled this sunrise a wee bit

Following a day of sunbathing and eating I set out for an evening run.
It's not too hot at 6pm and I was able to do some reps. 
2x 5mins into the famous lanzarote headwind then 5x2 mins with it on my tail.  
I've learned from previous visits to this island that training here has to be based on time, not distance. It's just too windy to hit your usual splits for miles or shorter reps.

Day three.
Decided to take a day off from running. Walked 25 mins along beach path to runway- took fotos of planes coming into land.

This man is about to begin his holiday

Short of time to get back for meal, I opted to jog. Camera is v heavy and certainly unsuitable to jog with so I went slow. After a couple of mins a lad caught me up. Suffice to say he was immediately treated to more views of my back.
Lakes 50 tee and the 5DII went everywhere with me in Lanza'

Day four. Long run day.
Long run in this climate is 60 mins.
At the turnaround I felt some stomach issues - luckily it was just wind (Lanzarote is famous for it apparently). But 4 mins prior to completion I again felt some discomfort so quit early. So, 56 mins for my long run this week. Mr Gofar.

Day five. 30mins hard effort.
This began well. With headwind I ran for 16 mins then turned. But at 21mins my legs we're screaming in pain,  and my stomach was knotted up (possibly due to blood diverting away from it in an attempt to keep me cool). I figured 25 mins would be enough of this session given the conditions. The last minute dragged on and on and on. Eventually the 25 was up and I walked for 2 then jogged home.  I suppose I would get used to this heat if I had to. But as I live in Cumbria it isn't really such an issue.

Busy, but ideal seafront running path

Day six
Was supposed to be a slow one, 40 minutes I figured would do. For some reason, by the time  came to go I couldn't be bothered to run at all and took it as another day off. I also went to sleep quite early and so had no trouble getting up early on....

Day six
It's one thing getting up sharp. And leaving the hotel to get out and about is great seeing daily life of the locals begin. 
But running is not something I like to do early. I just always feel dreadful, heavy legged and slow. After about 10 mins of walking I broke into a run and then ran for about another 20 odd minutes. Possibly not worth bothering doing but it made me feel better for having missed the previous night.
Day six part two- headed out a bit later than usual. 5 minute jog then chose a long straight section of walkway. Choosing a spot to begin, I ran flat out  for what I hoped would be more or less 400 metres. After one minute I glanced at my watch and chose an upcoming spot to stop.64 seconds wouldn't quite be 400metres, I can't run that fast. But it would be near enough. I then ran this exact course 7 more times, making near as damn it 2 miles of hard work. I admit to taking 2 mins recovery between each effort. This is much longer than I would take at home (though tbh I never do 400s at home anyway), due to the heat and  inevitable buildup of lactic. Indeed, on my 8th rep I knew there was no more in the tank and I had done all I could for this session.

Nothing to do with running - Everything to do with Lanzarote