As a youngster, I would get home from School, get changed and go out to play with my pals.
Now I'm older, I get home from work, get changed and go out to play with my pals, but now I call it training.

Monday, April 29, 2013


The day after Talkin Tarn Du' I had an easy cycle ride of 20 odd miles. Incredibly windy though! So much so that conversation was difficult. Luckily, nobody had owt interesting to say anyway.

Then Tuesday arrived, and another race to run!!

Keswick Acs Round the Houses is one of my favourite road events. Ive been doing it for 13 years or so (though not continuously). It's now been extended in distance to make it an actual 10k. Unfortunately this makes it rather easy to know when you have ran a crap time - previously you needed a calculator to work out what your time meant over the 5.3 mile course.

Beforehand, I was chatting to Sam Ware about my hoped for result. I said I'd be disappointed if I didnt beat 6 minute miling.

I was disappointed!

My time of 37:12 is exactly 6 minute milling.

Perhaps the slowest 10k I've ever done, but understandably so I think, as I wasn't really letting my body recover from the rigours I was putting it through. Theres a good reason for that - it's to get used to having to keep going on tired legs and body - BGR training.

The day after the 10k I was off work and drove through to the Lakes intent on a decent long day in the fells. The weather was poor though - even just as high as Kirkstone Pass the visibility was scarcely 50 metres. I know I should be getting out there and doing it whatever the weather, but I've recently been struggling to enjoy much of my BGR training and I figured a better option would be to run the low level route from Ambleside to Coniston as used in the Lakes 50 Ultra.

It was really nice to be on this route again almost 9 months since I won the race. My pace was dire though - I was running slower than I had done in the race itself with 30+  miles in my legs. With a noon start and something I really wanted to get back to Carlisle for later, I had a maximum of 6 hours running time available. (late start due to site visit in Winderemere for work purposes). But  as I neared Coniston I realised that I would struggle to do the full route back again in time. Then on the final climb up from Tilberthwaite I also realised I was much too knackered to too. (too to toot - is a train coming?)

In Coniston I stopped the clock and enjoyed a few miles walking, eating my lunch in the sunshine. Alongside the busy main road between Consiton and Ambleside runs a series of trail routes, which were much more pleasant than keeping tight at the side of the road.

At Skelwith I resumed jogging, and at Chesters Cafe I climbed the steep road hill to regain the 50 route, in reverse, over the fellside to the Under Loughrigg road, where I had parked.
23 miles in 4hrs 45mins, a bit shorter than Id planned but a really enjoyable run wi ma dawg.

On the Thursday I felt tired all day, and didn't train at all. I didnt train on Friday either, because I had spoken to Craig Smith and arranged a big day in the fells with an early start, on Saturday....

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