As a youngster, I would get home from School, get changed and go out to play with my pals.
Now I'm older, I get home from work, get changed and go out to play with my pals, but now I call it training.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Oooh, now that HURT

Track session with Border Harriers.
Four by one mile.

This was the first time since mid November that I have done anything remotely like reps. I didn't really get a proper warm up and actually missed the first one starting, then having to run it 10 metres behind the others from the start and of course falling back every lap.

The average pace for the Four was good considering the time gap since I last did them and that I am currently spending about 2 hours a night lying awake coughing. Its VERY annoying to be feeling absolutely fine in myself but having such an annoying cough whenever I am hot.

At present I am enjoying training more than I can ever remember enjoying it. No sooner have I got one good session or run in the bag than I am eagerly awaiting it being time to go out and run the next one. Right now for example, less than 60 mins since completing the track run, my legs are feeling pretty ropey, but  I can hardly wait for Wednesday night to come so I can run the 5 miles brisk that I have planned.

I think I am enjoying it so much because I am running so well these days. Theres nowt like running fast to make you want to try harder, get fitter, so you can maybe run even faster still. Several small niggles have more or less gone away for now - both Achilles, often inflamed and tender after running, are behaving themselves. The mildly annoying groin issue that often makes itself known as left side stiffness after long runs hasn't bothered me in a while, and even the long term plantar fasciitis soreness can scarcely be felt when I first step on the floor upon getting up from bed each morning.

As long as there are people older than me who can run faster than me I will never give up striving to become fitter, faster and stronger.

And yet despite all this positivity I am considering NOT bothering with a strict training plan for London Marathon. I know that looking at all those miles, sessions, goals and totals written down will be daunting. and that by mid March I will be wishing I had chosen an earlier marathon. I think I have learned enough over the years to train well and run a good 26 mile race purely from week by week training rather than long term planning. I also fancy adding in a few more races than normal in the run up to London. I would usually only do the Buttermere race and possibly a half marathon and maybe a fell race at Easter. But this year I intend to do the Trimpell 20 miler as well as Buttermere, and I'm also doing the Northern Cross Country Champs and hopefully the nationals too in London.

Most of all I know the importance of taking it easy inbetween hard training sessions. Yesterday was a very easy 45 minutes with Milly and his cronies.  And yes tomorrow will be fast, but it's only half an hour, and Thursdays run with Plucky, whilst pacey, only really bites a bit in the final 15 minutes.

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