As a youngster, I would get home from School, get changed and go out to play with my pals.
Now I'm older, I get home from work, get changed and go out to play with my pals, but now I call it training.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Altogether better

After being so tired and jaded of late, this week I have felt reet grand.

On Saturday I ran at teatime so as to replicate my usual training time. This did't prove to be a good idea as I was quite tired by then and struggled so badly in attempting my 4/11 session that I quit it and just jogged around the 10 mile circuit in 65 mins instead. Next day I never planned to run as I was bust photographing two sporting events in the day.

Monday was hot again but not as high up the thermometer as the previous week when I ran the curtailed session with Milly and Kev.  Milly said it was to be 10 miles at 6:10 pace. We set off jogging from the sands Centre and kicked into it after about 5 minutes. I was really enjoying this run. Trying hard but achieving a  good speed and knowing I had more in the tank. We ran sub 6 pace on the return to Carlisle for an average of 6:10 for 9 miles - perfect.

Next day I jogged for 90 minutes with Scamp. We covered the 7 mile circuit but also stopped to chat for a lengthy couple of spells with people we I knew.

Midweek I was up the fells for the fourth Wednesday in a row. Cracking weather, cracking views.
I parked at Stair and ran (ok I mostly walked fast) up Causey Pike. Along the Scar Crags ridge to Sail Pass then down left into the valley and up the opposite side to reach Ard Craggs. From there I continued to Knott Rigg from where I dropped off to the carparking area atop Newlands Hause.

I was unsure then whether to go up Robinson or find a valley route back to Stair.

As it was still warm and sunny and I had plenty of energy and time I tackled No 42. I didnt see any point in going to Hindscarth so bagged Dalehead then dropped down to the small tarn for a welcome drink in the pub that has no seats and only sells beckwater.

Up high Spy and onto  Maiden Moor, descending which I felt tired for the first time. No matter - I had never intended to go up Catbells anyway so it was a now the simple matter of dropping from the hause toward Littletown then picking up the AW track back to Stair. I'd spent about 15 mins on Causey taking photos and another 10 minutes on Robinson chatting to a lad from CFR. Add on some water in water out stops and it was probably 3 hours running or walking forcefully. Got to be good training for a schoolnight!

Next day I felt OK but was concerned about my run with Plucky. He'd said 10 or 12 miles and I knew that meant 12. The first half hour was good and we were up by 30 seconds on the previous week. I was keen to avoid getting into a testosterone fuelled finale though, and opted to cut off at 8 miles to finish the 10 mile circuit alone while he ran the last 4 miles of the 12 circuit. My time was 63 minutes exactly. 15 seconds slower than last week but crucially without any big effort or silly racing involved.

What a great week of training. I really enjoyed it all.

Last bit of Causey Pike

Handy path up to Sail - or blot on landscape? You decide

I'm no seamstress
Stitch these yourself

Dunno - can't remember - probably Butternmere or Crummock 

Scamps waits on Robinsons flank

Causey 3.5 hours later


  1. Flippin heck Steve,

    maybe best if you give me an hours start in the morning....

  2. If id known how much of the proper route you were intent on missing out I would have given you TWO - you loser

  3. haha

    I didn't hear you complaining....

    oh that's because you were 20 yards behind on the climbing - double loser