As a youngster, I would get home from School, get changed and go out to play with my pals.
Now I'm older, I get home from work, get changed and go out to play with my pals, but now I call it training.

Friday, July 8, 2011

15 seconds? I could run 15 minutes faster!

Monday was damn hot.
Cooling water in Glenridding Beck

I texted Milly and Gareth to see if they were jogging at six oclock. Milly said he was possibly going to do track reps but would need to check his schedule when he got home. I decided track reps would be fine as I would be able to get a drink of water and wet my head between the efforts. Later in the afternoon Milly said he was due to do 60 mins at 6:15 pace! Not as inviting!!
We met at six and knocked out the first 3 miles with a bit of chat (Gareth at work, Kev Bell also present). By 4 miles, my mouth was dry and I was sweating profusely but running well. At 5 I enquired as to our pace and was pleased to hear 6:17 in reply as we had 2 miles gently downhill to come. Almost back at the leisure Centre, we quit at about 8 miles with a 6:15 average. I would have ran the full hour but the two youngsters were happy enough to cut short in such testing conditions.

Glenridding and Ullswater. Cloud but no rain
The hot weather broke on Tuesday but it was still quite nice. I thought I should really go up in the fells while it was decent weather as the forecast for the next day was terrible. Indeed it was terrible  weather on Wednesday, with monstrous showers in Carlisle beyond dinnertime. 

A dog almost obscures the view of Grisedale Hause
As I drove South after work there was much brightness, little darkness and the roads were dry.
We managed an excellent fellrun without even getting wet feet.

The 'we' was myself, Penrith Stu and Penrith Steve B,  now a usual Wednesday evening fellrunning get together. Helvellyn was my choice of destination, via Lantys Tarn from Glenridding and up the Grisedale valley to Grisedale Tarn, then Dollywagon, Hely and return via Lower Man and Whiteside then the zigzags toward the disused mines at the start/finish of Sticks Pass. Stu said it was 12 miles- it took about 2 hours but I only tried hard on the uphill bits.

No need to carry  drinks on this 2hr run
Next day was Thursday - it nearly always is. Run with Plucky.  He had said it would be either 10 or 12 miles. I was pleased when he decided on 10! We chatted effortlessly as we ran. Except for a fairly big hill in the aptly named Cotehill when Plucky prematurely ended his recounting of a race report with 'finish at the top'. I was puzzled for a while then realised he meant he would cease talking while we climbed uphill. Usually at this point I would either continue to chat but avoid inviting response, or, run a bit harder to force a gap. I did neither though as I knew my body was tired and that this run might turn and bite me at any stage. Only the final mile was tough, and the final uphill, one minute from the finish was as hard as any race finale, with my legs full of acid and my mind willing the end to come.

Next day Plucky texted me to say we had done too much chatting and at 62:45 had took 15 seconds longer for the route than on the previous occasion when we ran it with Darren. I hadn't realise we were supposed to be aiming to beat any particular time - I think next time I might target this run with him as a key session for the week and (without telling Plucky) run it at an ever increasing effort level. Only trouble is - Plucky is a VERY GOOD athlete and will not give in without a fight so it could be carnage.

More photos from the run up Helvellyn.

View back toward Patterdale from Ruthwaite lodge

St Sunday Crag from Ruthwaite Lodge

Grisedale Tarn, Grisedale Hause, Seat Sandal and a pair of Peerith wide boys

The Corridor route - my favourite

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