As a youngster, I would get home from School, get changed and go out to play with my pals.
Now I'm older, I get home from work, get changed and go out to play with my pals, but now I call it training.

Friday, May 6, 2011

A Time Machine

After the half marathon I went for a jog on Monday. Tuesday I was far too tired to even consider running a step. Wednesday I met up with Scotty, George and Darren for a session of reps. We ran a mile out in 5:40 then another one in 5:24. Then we ran the two miles back in 10:49. These are my best times for a long long time and I'm pleased to be running this well. After training I went down to the Lake District and jogged up a pretty high fell to take photos of a race - then jogged back down again to make for a very tiring but satisfying evening of leisuretime pursuits.

Is it true that some people opt to spend their leisure time  drinking beer in public houses?
Really though, do they?
Even when its sunny and warm?
Theres some weird folk knocking about!!

The next evening I went through to Scotby to run 10 miles hilly and steady with Darren and Plucky. A decent pace was initially set by Plucky. None of us had any means of knowing how fast we were running but I knew we were clipping along at a fair old lick -  Darren dropped off the back with a mile to go and Plucky, on his longest run this year, started to tire in the second half. When we completed the route in just 62:30 I was surprised, though  I reckon I could have ran 10 secs per mile quicker if it had been a hard run scheduled.

Having done nowt on Tuesday I would and should have ran tonight (Friday), but as this is the third of four weeks of indulgence post marathon I am still just doing whatever I feel like doing each day, whether that is lying on couch or running flat out.

10k race coming up soon - really looking forward to that one. Im determined to run a 34 this year.

Whilst running on Thursday I asked Plucky what he thought it would take for me to regain the fitness and speed I enjoyed in the 2002-2004 period when I set most of my best times and race wins. Thinking that the obvious (and my own) answer would be "give up work so you can train twice a day and sleep more", he said......

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  1. Getting faster!
    I think much of the slow down in performance comes from years of overtraining and not just getting older.
    If you look at Italian coach
    Renato Canova's ideas you will see he often only schedules 2 hard daya a week plus lots of easy-steady running on the other ways [plus one stride session per week]and this is for elite aesthetes!
    i definitely think you can return to your best, but only if you are willing to follow a structured plan that allows for recovery from hard training.
    When your younger it's possible to get away with crazy stuff But as we age recovery time does slow!
    The Pub
    I think a pint in a pub after a long run or race is very enjoyable part of the sport,apart from today when two mates and me finished a very hilly 17 miles with a quick pint, only to be charged almost £ 10
    Must have seen us coming!!!

  2. Daresay you are right Rick. Today I ran 13miles hard and was wasted by the end. Really slowed down but still made my best time of the year for the circuit. 13 today was probably too soon after Thursdays 10 effort - I do get a bit carried away sometimes thinking I am invincible.