As a youngster, I would get home from School, get changed and go out to play with my pals.
Now I'm older, I get home from work, get changed and go out to play with my pals, but now I call it training.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I like to Prattle on..... here goes

Friday I did no running.

Saturday I set off to do my 13 mile loop quite hard. I hadn't really given much thought to the fact that it was less than 48 hrs since the 10 miles very brisk run I had completed with Plucky. I should have though. By the final two miles I was facing ruination - probably doing just 7 minute miling. 1hr 23 30 was a good time and proves I must be pretty fit these days but I need to be more careful about overdoing the hard mileage.

Sunday was a day of Photography. Not so long taking the pics themselves but by the time I sorted them all and got them on interweb site for sale it was a 16 hour day!!!

Monday I decided a brisk 5 was in order. 31 minutes exactly (6:12 pace) felt well within my capability and thus I decided that tonight (Tuesday) could be a hard but short interval session.

Track was paid for and after a 'every lap harder than the previous lap' mile as warm up I ran 3x 800 metres.
A poor start of 2:48 was then followed by 2:40 for the next two. A minute was the recovery between.

Then walking lap to recover and prepare for something I hadn't done in a long long time - 400 metre reps!

I reckoned 5 pace was possible and managed to slip inside that pace with  73 then 72 then 75 second laps. again, one minute recovery.

Another lap of walk recovery then 3 more 800s. I was really in a fighting mood now though and keen to get everything out of my lungs and onto that track.

The first was 2:40 again. As I began the next a lad also set off on a 200m effort - he took 26 seconds for the distance and although he was away from me in just a few strides I must have latched onto him mentally as I ran it in 36 seconds (4:48 pace) and was still on exactly 5:00 pace at "the bell". Something had to give here and the next lap was 80 seconds to give 2:35 for the full 800. The final one I was pretty knackered but determined not to be proved silly on number 2, I maintained a decent effort to record 2:38.

Overall a very good session. Not as far as normal with only 3.75 miles effort, but I don't believe short efforts should add up to the same distance as when doing say mile or two mile reps.

Stu says I'm obsessed with photography, but I think I have achieved a healthy balance between cameras, lenses, camera review websites, lens comparison websites, going into Jessops, developing (geddit?) ideas for new photography based websites,  running, singing Foo Fighters songs to myself in the excitement of One Big Weekend and admiring the summer outfits being (mostly)worn by the young fashionistas around town.

...and I've constructed a new door for my greenhouse - no glass in it though - i'm saying this is  for safety reasons - the tomatoes are saying its *%$*&£* cold!!

He He this diet coke has gone straight to my head tonight - C'mon Dave, lets have an encore... I got another confession to may-ake

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