As a youngster, I would get home from School, get changed and go out to play with my pals.
Now I'm older, I get home from work, get changed and go out to play with my pals, but now I call it training.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Looming large

Not so very long to go now - just over two weeks to go  til London Marathon

At the weekend I had a plan for 24 miles at easy pace. Prior to setting off I decided 23 would actually be sufficient and it turned out that from my house to Darrens was 11.25 miles. So by the time I ran back home it was 22.5 miles - near enough I reckon, especially as I ran 26 miles two weeks prior. The circuit is kind of a horseshoe so any wind is cancelled out as tailwind in one direction becomes headwind the opposite way and vice versa - so I was delighted to run two and a half minutes quicker for the second half (on my own too). Not fast, it wasn't meant to be, but sub 7 pace nevertheless.

The next day I didn't find time for a run as I was busy photographing events. It would only have been an easy 5-8 anyway.

On the Monday I had a jog around the parks with scamp for about an hour. Since the weekend I'd felt the beginnings of a head cold and sore throat coming on. I had mostly ignored it as I never get ill and figured my body would fight it off before it gathered any momentum. but then on Tuesday my nose was streaming all day long. Subsequently my head hurt from the pressure of blowing my nose every few minutes and I certainly didn't think it wise to run at all.
A fine example of a large loom

Due a few days holiday anyway I took an extra one and finished work for the week on Tuesday afternoon.

Wednesday morning I was 95% better and by the evening felt I could (and should) run. I was mighty pleased, as a week off training at this late stage would have put all manner of doubts in my mind as I then eased down for the final two weeks. My session was the same as last week, and I ran it 30 seconds faster - 10 miles of 11 minutes on 4 minutes off. I ran 63:15 which, considering it was much worse weather than last week and I'd been a bit off colour was a satisfying result.

Today I ran for 1hr 58 minutes very easy offroad with Scamp. The training must be working because this honestly felt no more effort than a stroll in the park. Filthy day for it though - spitting rain and wind so strong it blew may hat off time and again.

Today I'm 42. Same age as the number of summits Bob Graham Stustod and Iain Kelly visited. No plans though - apart from a spot of lunch in town soon as I hit "publish post"

As regards target pace/time for the marathon Rick. If I could stretch it to the full distance, the 6:25 pace for the 18 mile run I completed 4 weeks out would give about a 2:47 which is pretty much what I ran last year. Ideally though I would like to run a bit faster than last year and if all went incredibly well then maybe just nick in under 2:45. My '10 mile of reps' results suggest I'm equally as fit as last year and I'm definitely more prepared with the 14-18 mile marathon pace runs, as I have done twice as many of those as I did pre the 2010 race

My 15 mile marathon pace run this coming Saturday will be the final chance to set my target pace.  If I only manage 6:25's again then that will be my target pace for the 17th. Thing is, 15 miles won't feel so very far - even at such a brisk pace, so it's important not to run myself into the ground just to convince myself I could repeat and add 11 miles more on the day.

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  1. What time are you planning for London based on your training so far?