As a youngster, I would get home from School, get changed and go out to play with my pals.
Now I'm older, I get home from work, get changed and go out to play with my pals, but now I call it training.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day Five
Bugger all running which, considering how windy it has become was a relief!

Day Six
Nice early start meant I'd completed a 30 minute jog and was tucking into breakfast soon after 9 o'clock. 
Ridiculously windy all day. Good for dramatic shots of waves breaking against rocky volcanic coastline. Salty seaspray and windblown sand not so good for the camera itself though!
5x 6minute reps tonight. Ridiculous wind hadn't abated which meant the distance I covered in the first two uphill headwind reps was the same distance I then covered in the next downhill tailwind one! Testing times indeed.

Day seven
Easy but long run. Usually offroad by the river and usually accompanied by A small B&W k9 but with the Champion of Manhatten currently incarcerated and there being no rivers round these parts a bit of improvisation was required. I ran (and walked) for almost 2 hours including a some tarmac roads, some steep sided volcanoes and quite a lot of soft sandy tracks. All very easy pace

Day Eight
Set off for a short easy run just after 8 o'clock but only got as far as the nearest supermarket a mile away. Intended to continue jogging once I returned home with provisions but the lure of breakfast proved too great
In the evening I ran up the hill through our village. bottom to top took just over 2 mins 30'secs so I decided that was near enough to my 800m time that I would do my 800m session. I usually do 6x800 and I actually ended up doing 8 of these hill reps. They began to bite by the third and by the final few I was glad of the enforced additional rest period whilst I jogged back down the course in the same time it took me to sprint up.

Day 9
No run this morning. Saving myself for 10 miles this evening. Timed it so as to complete the run  in the last of the daylight. Cooler then too. Started out nice n easy then pressed on the gas a little more after 10 mins. After about 25 mins i began to really enjoy the run. It felt like the effort that would give me about a 65 minute 10 miler.  Easy enough to sustain the pace without straining, and short enough to not cause much fatigue  but also hard and far enough to know it's worthwhile training.

Day 10
25mins easy in the AM
30 mins easy in the PM

Day 11
1hr 39 minutes marathon pace run.
Set off as soon as it got light. Ran for 49mins then retraced my route. 
Although i ran this hard I know I didn't make 6:21 pace like i waz doing back home. The hills, the daft early start and the heat will surely have cost me
10-20 seconds per mile. But the effort was good throughout and im damn pleased to now be sitting on the terrace looking out over the Atlantic ocean eating my Spanish cornflakes.

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