As a youngster, I would get home from School, get changed and go out to play with my pals.
Now I'm older, I get home from work, get changed and go out to play with my pals, but now I call it training.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

All good

So after my three hour fellrun everything was OK. The next evening I met up with Milly and ran about 5 or 6 miles I think. What a pleasant change to be just me and Milly - we had a right good craic and caught up on the latest goings on.

Tuesday was my appointment with the physio. To be honest I knew that my bone couldn't possibly still have the fracture open as four days in a row running would have made it hurt  A LOT. He agreed that it was nicely healed and suggested that the recent problems I had felt were probably a muscle in the same region of my leg which had taken unkindly to the work asked of them after having had 8 weeks of doing very little.

I didn't run on Tuesday but on Wednesday I set off to do my now standard 3 miles at decent pace. I felt blummin great knowing I was over the injury and the ground felt like it was whizzing by under my feet like never before. It was quite astonishing therefore to see my watch recording the splits at nearly 7 minutes per mile!! The run took me longer than the first time I tried it a couple of weeks earlier in that appalling weather. I didn't up the effort level though as I don't want to get into competitions with myself to run it at race effort.

The next night the same route took 19.30 - six and half minute miling - better but still strange to be so slow.

Friday was a day off and Saturday would have been training but when I woke up the world had turned white around me. Keen not miss the first snow since getting seriously into photography I spent the next two hours wandering round the citys parks and streets until it was time to go to the Cross Country meeting where I was event photographer.
Penrith Stu braved the snow in the hope of a win but was 2nd
So what I am saying here is that I didn't train until today, Sunday. Trouble is the place is so snowy the only place to run is either main roads IN the road, or offroad. I ran about 6 miles with Scamp and not very hard effort.
Sunrise captured against the Castle wall
Got to the park before the paths were spoiled by footprints
Check out my photography blog for more photos of snow and an in depth report of my early morning shift


  1. Erm. Penrith stu braved the snow in the hope of a win??????? but was 2nd???????
    well beaten and fourth at the very best!
    Great photos tho!

  2. Glad we are still snow free!
    good to see you got the all clear from the physio :]
    Bye the way if your still not sure about which marathon plan to follow have a read of this very interesting stuff indeed [but be warned its a long read]