As a youngster, I would get home from School, get changed and go out to play with my pals.
Now I'm older, I get home from work, get changed and go out to play with my pals, but now I call it training.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Fair do's Ian - I couldn't run 70mins for Blencathra race

Saturday came around again and I had another bash at a speedy reps session. I deliberately waited a few hours between getting up out of bed and embarking on my training, and I certainly felt better for it. I completed my old favourite session of 11-minutes-hard-4-minutes-easy (times 4) around my 10 mile loop.  I was mistaken about the wind and the sub 62 minute result I thought I was heading for at halfway turned into 63.28 by the time I had battled against a decent headwind for my third and fourth reps. That's not a terrible time to be honest - I think I can remember running it a minute or so quicker last year.

Coledale Horseshoe from halfway up/down Latrigg.  A forested Swinside LHS.
I would usually then have done a long fellrun on the Sunday but opted instead to run up Skiddaw with Penrith Stu who can't run at all due to injury??!!??!! Stu is clearly keeping himself fit via his beloved new hobby of cycling, as he ran a lot of the ascent and even when reduced to walking, still made the summit some 15 mins ahead of Bob Graham Round 24 hr pace. We came back via Skiddaw Little Man and both took photos thereon and then some more halfway down Latrigg.

Various ironwork is to be found on Little Man. Also seen to left of Scamp is the ridgewalk from Bassenthwaite Village and on the RHS of frame  the bulk of Skiddaws Western flank rising up from Carlside. 

As I am planning to do another 8 mile fellrace this coming Wednesday therefore need to take things easyish on Tuesday so today ran a half decent distance (10 miles) though at a pedestrian pace of 6:50. I need to leave myself an easy second half of the week (reason will become obvious).

Prior to Sundays run up Skiddaw I drove down to the  Clappersgate area near Ambleside to continue my quest to find the best place to photograph the Fairfield Horseshoe from. Whilst the light wasnt at it's best, I am quite pleased with this aspect....

If only the water been millpond calm and the sky less cloudy........
Apart from Loughrigg (LHS) obscuring the view of NabScar somewhat, this is a pretty good place to shoot from. Unfortunately it is within a camping site so not really the kind of place I can turn up at 4am with tripods and armfuls of camera gear. Maybe wait until winter when the site is closed (and when sunrise is at a more sociable hour)

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