As a youngster, I would get home from School, get changed and go out to play with my pals.
Now I'm older, I get home from work, get changed and go out to play with my pals, but now I call it training.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

my own stoopid fault

Aching and sore are the following

General shoulder area

This is all since running the Buttermere Round 21 mile race on Sunday. How I now rue the day two weeks ago when I ran twice the flat Crosby 10 mile loop instead of going to the hilly Talkin circuit. Squatting down for nearly two hours taking photos immediately after crossing the line was not a great idea either. Nor was missing an easy run on Monday which simply allowed everything to hurt even more today than yesterday.

Anyhowser, never mind, I know it will go away in another day or two.

After last weeks poor show of training I felt I should be putting in some work this week but tonights intended hard 5miler was abandoned after about 100metres of the warm up due to the leg pain - I know enough to know that straining to run hard with muscles as knotted will only risk injury. In the end I just jogged for about 25 mins, but notably, everything felt better as the run progressed.

The day before the race I ran a very easy 10 mile Crosby loop with Darren at 6:50 pace. Good craic.

The race itself...

...went very well. As always I deliberately set out very cautiously, taking 41.30 for the first rolling 10k. I was in 12th place when I saw this chap...
...taking photos for a well known sports photography website
All fun and games at 6 miles
Soon after came the climb of Honister Pass where I gradually eased up to the man in 11th. The descent off Honister into the Buttermere valley is brutally steep - not nice to run down at all. But there is no point in pussyfooting around when you have just lost huge chunks of average pace running up a two mile climb so with the grace of a caravan falling into a quarry I launched myself at the valley below - it paid off alright though, as five minutes later I was in 9th and closing rapidly on 8th.

Not so happy now eh? (I was actually, I was relishing it)
The climb of Newlands pass began in Buttermere village and here I passed another lad who was forced into walking. By the summit I was in 7th place and again launched myself at the descent, gaining 6th immediately. There must be 6 miles of downhill and 500metres of uphill to end this race and I knew that the bloke a minute ahead of me was dead meat. Sure enough I caught him and dropped him and enjoyed the final couple of miles knowing I had equalled my best ever position of 5th in this event.
As I crossed the line I noted that for the third time in a row I had beaten my time of the previous year.
This was not quite so difficult to achieve this year as the course was 600metres shorter than 2010 when it was lengthened due to a weak bridge being unusable. but at nearly 3 minutes faster than last time and in appalling weather I reckon my performance was equal to last year. Can I run even faster in 2012? Yes certainly if I get 364 days injury free and get myself out into the steep hills more during January.

Nearly forgot to add that I was first veteran too. I missed the presentation as I was still sitting on the finish line capturing the other runners moments of glory/relief.

Thanks to Penriths chuckle brothers Stu and Dave for the photos

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