As a youngster, I would get home from School, get changed and go out to play with my pals.
Now I'm older, I get home from work, get changed and go out to play with my pals, but now I call it training.

Friday, October 1, 2010

I'm the fat bloke in the middle

Tidying through some junk and papers recently I came across this photo.

It was taken just after I won my first running race in 2003. 

Despite having another 5 weeks or so to endure not running I am VERY positive about my injury as I can no longer feel anything wrong in the affected leg. I know it's too soon to run on it as the fracture will just open up again, but compared to those few weeks when I was nursing it on soft ground and it got no better or worse I now feel confident I will make a full recovery and one day will be running again as far and as fast as ever.

Earlier this evening I was scanning the FRA forum and noticed a thread mentioning that the entries had opened today for the Four Villages Half marathon next January. So for some obscure reason I entered it. Its not a fast course, it's miles away to travel to and at £18 it's in the bracket I usually say '"im not paying that much for a race that isn't an international  marathon". I'm just feeling so buoyed of late that anything and everything seems possible, so racing is an exciting prospect. The joie de vivre  is with me.

My number came through for the London Marathon this week. In the magazine is a list of record finishing times dressed in various fancy dress costumes. Unless I regain 2:40 kind of fitness I may consider donning a lightweight silly getup and attempt to be the first sub 3hr carrot/panda/leprechaun.

Cycling planned for tomorrow - 50 miles including Kirkstone Pass and the 8 mile climb out of Kendal to Shap summit. Hope it doesn't rain.


  1. The 4 villages is a cracking race and well worth doing.
    If I break 2.45 at VLM this year and win a championship start behind the elites for 2012 I'll run in fancy dress and go for one of the records.
    The man dressed as a nurse looks like a soft world to break 3.36! :]

  2. Hope you break the 2:45, however - if you do you wont be allowed to wear anything other than your club vest. they are very strict on the championship start - one year I saw a bloke trying to get in with a horsey costume but they wouldnt let him in. As he didnt have anything else to wear he had to go on Blue start.

  3. Hey Steve - hope you enjoy the Helsby (you popped up on my google alert, you're not safe anywhere!). We had to put the price up this year because of the new traffic management regulations ...and we do give stacks away to charity. It's a good course and does at least have a bit of hill to show your Lakeland strength ;-)

  4. Thanks Steve, maybe I could wear fancy dress under my bin bag :]