As a youngster, I would get home from School, get changed and go out to play with my pals.
Now I'm older, I get home from work, get changed and go out to play with my pals, but now I call it training.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

More boring stories

Nothing to report on from last week.

The weekend did at least see me doing some stuff for fitness.

Saturday was the Three Shires fellrace from Little Langdale. Two of my pals were running, Iain of 42 Tops fame and Penrith Stu.  Iain pulled out last minute but I was in time to meet him atop Dunmail Raise just before he set off with a couple of lads on a BG recce of leg 3. I wished I was going with them and I probably could have as it turned out they were very slow so walking wounded Steve may have been able to keep up.

Instead I drove on, deep into the heart of The Lake District. Upon reaching Little Langdale I carried straight on through as there was nowhere to park and the tiny hamlet was thronging with fellrunners and their supporters and families.

Despite having dreamt last week about driving up a road so steep that my van tipped over backwards, I braved Wrynose Pass, parking near the top where the Three Shires Stone sits. Me and Scamp then studied the map before heading what seemed like it was probably South up a fellside I really hoped was the one the runners would come down some time later.

Indeed it was the right way and before long the runners were streaming towards me  as I clicked away on the old (new) Canon, capturing smiles, grimaces, trips, slip and falls. And even a bloke struggling to 'push' his bike down the hill to the road below. More on the photo aspect of the day will be found on my other blog. (I wonder how you do that thing where clicking on the words 'other blog' would open up said webpage? Penrith Stu often does it so it can't be that difficult - perhaps he gets his wife to help.

Iain said he usually did a long bike ride on Sundays so we arranged to meet up. Rain upon awakening was no discouragement to me but Iain (who had been out for over 6 hours the day before ) poo poohed the bike riding idea altogether. Having been promised home made cakes during our brief meeting the day before though, I rode through to his house beyond Penrith. Bacon butties were a welcome late breakfast but the cakes never made an appearance yet - the greedy bugger must've eaten the lot himself as reward for his fell outing!

I rode home 10 minutes faster faster than I had rode out. I dont have one of those bike computers, I find them far too elaborate (name that Reeves and Mortimer sketch) but my iPhone said it was 25 miles which I reckon to be pretty much correct. SO 17 MPH there and over 18 MPH home - not bad considering the hilly road I used and a town to ride through at either end of either ride. I am obviously still quite fit.

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