As a youngster, I would get home from School, get changed and go out to play with my pals.
Now I'm older, I get home from work, get changed and go out to play with my pals, but now I call it training.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

nearly done

Thursday - 7 miles of reps.

I began with a half mile effort as a warm up. Slightly disappointing 2:50 but it was gently uphill and a mild headwind. Then a mile, again headwind but being warmed up properly I was pleased to record 5:39. A two mile effort next and I had turned around so it was a really fast 11:02.

Now the headwind again for another 2 miler. Struggled a bit but pleased enough to get 11:47. Finally I was running home for the final time - a mile in 5:28 then 800m in 2:36.

Overall I was really happy with those times. And not just the times but the fact I was able to do such a long session and feel good and strong throughout. (damn pleased it ended with the downhill tailwind though)

Wednesday - easy hour or so jogging with dogs

Tuesday - one mile jog then eight miles hard then one mile jog. This was done round my 10 mile circuit and the total was 64:05. Bit of guesswork involved but I reckon if I ran 7 minute miles for the first and last mile (which I almost certainly would) then I probably ran 6:15 s for the 8 miles. Initially I was going to run 14 or 15 at marathon pace (as usual for a Tuesday) but after thinking about it properly I decided against as I was concerned that I couldn't possibly be properly recovered from my marathon only 2 days earlier and would probably fail to achieve my goal pace of sub 6:20 and also I might pick up an injury or niggle. Even sticking at ten miles, not 14 or 15, I ran a total of 45 miles in 3 runs over 4 days. And that's got to be good training.

Not so much rock hard training to be completed now. The next two weeks are really about sharpening up with shorter, faster runs. This weekend will be all about enjoying myself up the fells but at 22 miles (according to Penrith Stu) it will be a good stamina run nevertheless.

The marathon is all encompassing. More or less every waking moment I find myself thinking about it, and about my training. I constantly play out in my mind how the race might unfold. tracing the course in my mind. Picturing myself on Tower bridge with the cheering crowd ringing in my ears. Finishing with a good time. I hope Milly can manage to do something good too. I suppose ideally we would run together and finish in about 2:43. I'm fairly confident I can run that time but I think Milly might be a little more conservative and target sub 2:50, although I do believe he is just as capable as I am.

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  1. With all the hard effort you have put in over winter im sure you will have one of your best days yet Steve.

    PS I hope Milly kicks your arse!!!!